Hire Land Cruiser for Angola- / dune driving


Toyota Land Cruiser Double Cab series 79, FJ Cruiser and Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2.8 Automatic can be used in the Namib Dunes and Angola als modificated vehicles.

To be used in the Namib Dunes and Angola

Please note:

Dune driving tours refer to tours through marked "restricted area" parts of Namibia like the restricted areas of the Namib Desert. Only guided tours with tour operators such as FACES OF NAMIB are allowed. Please indicate the tour operator that will be doing the dune driving tour with you!!!

Standard routes to e.g. Sossusvlei (marked as 4x4 routes) does not count as dune driving. Even though there are dunes to see you are not physically driving through or on them.

Namibia Off Road - Living on the Edge Video

Specific modifications are:

  • Large bull bar
  • At the back two spare tire holders for two reasons: Better comfort when changing a tyre and higher ground clearance for driving in difficult terrain
  • Additional higher ground clearance because of special 4x4 vehicle suspension
  • Better and larged tyres with special 4x4 tyre pattern
  • Roof rack
  • Extra large additional tank
  • Extra equipment for dune driving (water, ...)


Africa on Wheels and mobilianz GmbH decided on a joint cooperation at the International Tourism FAIR ITB 2018 in Berlin. A specially tailored off-road training for the individual traveller and self-driver has been developed which works as the ideal preparation for experiencing southern Africa on your own.


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