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Our Car Hire welcomes you to Namibia!

We offer 4x4s ranging from Toyota Hilux Double Cabs to Luxury Land Cruisers, such as the Toyota Fortuner and the Stretched Land Cruiser 8-seater.

If you are looking for an exciting a Sossusvleind unique way to experience the nature of this beautiful country you are at the right place here! We have a wide range of 4x4 vehicles that are suitable for your self-drive tour through Namibia. With no set timetable you can work out the tour that suits your interests and experience the best parts of our country with one of our luxury 4x4s!

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Africa on Wheels - Car hire in Namibia

At Africa on Wheels Car Hire customer care is our highest priority. Africa on Wheels is a reliable car hire company in Namibia which was established in 1999. The company was founded based on the high demand of used cars in top condition at a good price. We also hire out new vehicles. Headquartered has Africa on Wheels Car Hire in Windhoek / Namibia.

With our years of experience we are happy to give to our customers some tips for vehicle handling and personal introduction to the vehicles at hand over.

Our four wheel drive vehicle fleet

Africa on Wheels Car Hire specializes primarily in the business of four-wheel-drive vehicles (4x4). The four-wheel drive selection offers adapted solutions for the Namibian infrastructure, as well as all the necessary camping gear. All vehicles are serviced by our own service garage in order to ensure flexibility and the highest security standards.


Off-Road experience for self drivers and guided Dune Driving in Namibia

Africa on Wheels Car Hire offers specialised vehicles for Off-Road-Driving for self-drives. We allow our vehicles to cross the borders of Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In addition you can also travel to Angola with our approval. / /

Dune driving tours refer to tours through marked "restricted area" parts of Namibia like the restricted areas of the Namib Desert. Only guided tours with tour operators such as FACES OF THE NAMIB are allowed. Please indicate the tour operator that will be doing the dune driving tour with you!!!

Standard routes to e.g. Sossusvlei (marked as 4x4 routes) do not fall under dune driving.

Namibia’s road network is known as one of the best in Africa, where all the main roads are tarred. The majority of the roads are, however, sand and gravel roads. For this reason we advice all self-drivers to hire a 4x4. With a better ground clearance these vehicles offer a more comfortable driving experience, even on poor roads.

I am looking forward to welcome you in Namibia!

Kind Regards

Your Ingo Bahr


Africa on Wheels and mobilianz GmbH decided on a joint cooperation at the International Tourism FAIR ITB 2018 in Berlin. A specially tailored off-road training for the individual traveller and self-driver has been developed which works as the ideal preparation for experiencing southern Africa on your own.


Read on at mobilianz (German)


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